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 general questions

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PostSubject: general questions   Mon Feb 23, 2009 4:19 am

I am an architecture student working on my senior project and I have to provide some construction costs. I am wondering if there are some general costs per square foot for certain types of buildings or rooms as well as general costs for site development. I am building a camp that consists of four buildings on a sloped site. There are two cabins, a main banquet hall and and administration building that has some living quarters as well. They are all going to be build out of wood framing and trusses. My specific questions are what might the site development costs be per square foot? How much do kitchens (restaurant quality), bathrooms, offices, living spaces, and banquet halls cost per square foot? I plan on the buildings having metal roofs, cladded in reclaimed barn shingles, and built on concrete slabs if that is any help. I know there is not much information to go from but I am hoping that there might be general prices for these types of spaces.

Thank You,
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PostSubject: Re: general questions   Tue Mar 24, 2009 4:35 pm

Hi Nick

We do have some rule of thumb for square footage costs, are you still interested on these cost, or have you completed the senior project.


Hector Moreno P.E.
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general questions
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