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 Mobil Home Permitting Process

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Mobil Home Permitting Process Empty
PostSubject: Mobil Home Permitting Process   Mobil Home Permitting Process EmptyWed Jun 17, 2009 8:56 am

Please tell us the steps to pull out the required permits for a mobile home replacement in the County of Riverside
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Mobil Home Permitting Process Empty
PostSubject: Re: Mobil Home Permitting Process   Mobil Home Permitting Process EmptyThu Dec 17, 2009 3:46 pm

The County of Riverside Requires the following items in summary:

-A plot plan or site plan indicating the manufactured home horizontal location on the lot
they are interested in meeting the set back requirements. Typical setback requirements are 20' front and 20' back yard setback from property line. However, you must indentify the zoning and based on the County municipal code for that zoning designation it will dictate the set back requrements.

Second: Identify utility purveyors more importantly sewer and water, you will need to obtain "will serve letters" from these utility purveyors. The will serve letter is basically a commitment from the utility company to provide service. In the case that sewer or water is not present for the site then it will require additional steps:

-Water- Prepare a water well permit with Health Department
-Sewer- Prepare a percolation report and a sewer feasilibity study

Electrical may also pose an issue, but this can be resolve by scheduling a meeting with Southern CA Edison Planning Department on site to review the site constraints and the proximity of eletrical poles. These three issues, water, sewer and electrical could make a project economically unfeasible.

Finally, you need to prepare a county of Riverside Mobil Home installation application and provide all the required documentation. You can also contact us at FDC & Associates at (909) 881-6542 and we will glad to help you along this complex permitting process.
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Mobil Home Permitting Process
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